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Courses on Concealed Carry Available

  • Which firearms are legal to carry?

  • Basic knowledge of the use of force

  • Where concealed handguns are prohibited

  • Alternatives to using force or deadly force

  • Firearm safety

  • Weapons storage and locking devices

  • Child safety

  • Range safety

  • Handgun use

  • Review and questions

Key topics in this class

You can also receive a Utah non-resident license after taking a three-and-a-half hour course for $75.


After completing the course, all the necessary paperwork will be mailed by the instructor, along with your I.D. photo and finger prints. You will simply need to provide your signature and payment of $49 in the form of a credit card or check, which is good for the next five years.

Utah non-resident licenses

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You can also take a class at Corvallis Guns to receive your Oregon Concealed Carry license. This course takes three-and-a-half hours and costs $50. After taking this course, the local sheriff will run a background check, take your photo, and issue the license. This license makes it legal for you to carry a concealed handgun in the state of Oregon. The license costs $65 and is good for the next four years.


This map will show you the states that honor Oregon's permit. Please note that Washington is NOT included among these states.

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